How To Generate Ideas For Your Internet Marketing Articles

How To Generate Ideas For Your Internet Marketing Articles

Writing a "how to" or an informative article can be a great way to establish yourself as an internet marketing authority, while at the same time generating free leads for your business. For this reason, if you're a newbie internet marketer I recommend writing one new article a day. It can be quite difficult however to constantly come up with new article topics. Listed below are some methods I use to come up with article topics.

1) Write About a Marketing Method You Use

If you're new to the internet marketing industry, whichever company you've joined will ideally have provided you with full training on marketing strategies. Do you market with Facebook? Twitter? Listjoe? Articles? Press Relseases? Google AdWords? Marketing strategies alone should give you 10 or 15 solid article topics. Simply write a "how to" article describing how to use each method for marketing purposes. You really don't need a lot of experience to do this. There are so many people out there right now who have no clue on how to do any of this that you're already ahead of the game if you have any background in it at all.

2) Read a Marketing-Related Book

The book doesn't have to be purely an internet marketing-based book... it could be a book on how to run a business, business and mindset (one VERY important variable in succeeding in this industry is mindset, and there are plenty of books on the topic), or anything else somehow related to succeeding as an internet marketer. I was recently speaking to a friend who mentioned a chapter in a book he was reading called "The 10 000 Hour Rule". The 10 000 rule (based on fact) states that to become world-class at anything you will need to have spent about 10 000 doing whatever "anything" is. This apparently applies to literally almost anything... becoming a world class guitar player, hockey player, chef... internet marketer. Anyway, that's not the point here. The point here is that an article on this topic could easily be written and related to succeeding in the internet marketing industry. So open the nearest marketing-related book, go to a random chapter, and chances are you can likely write an article on the chapter topic. I am not advocating plagiarism... give credit where credit is due of course.

3) Expand on Previous Topics

It's likely whichever articles you've written contain subtopics. A great way to generate new article topics is to expand on a subtopic of a previous article. Have you written about social media? Then maybe you want to write an article about each individual social media site. Then perhaps there's a specific topic about each site you'd like to expand upon. This method can be incredibly useful in producing a large number of new topics when you're stuck for ideas.

4) Read Other Internet Marketing Articles

Again this is not to say that you should plagiarize. Simply seeing what other people have written about can have you generating ideas you wouldn't have thought of otherwise. Researching articles of specific people can also be great for coming up with ideas. If you know of any top producers in the industry, or people who do particularly well with article marketing, see what they've been writing about.

5) Speak to Other People in the Industry

Attend your company's live training or simply speak to other members of your company. I've come up with a few good ideas simply by chance through talking to my peers, i.e. the 10 000 hour rule (above). Additionally, your company's live training should expand on training methods you're currently using, which should give you other ideas on what you can write about.

6) Read the News

It's no secret that the economy isn't in such great shape right now, but reading the news can give you specific ideas about what is currently happening. Is a specific sector or company doing particularly poorly at the moment? What's one solution for people working in that company or sector? Starting a home based business in the internet marketing industry. Tagging your articles with keywords related to current events (keywords that people are searching for a lot) can help to generate a lot of views for such articles.

You should be able to come up with many solid article topics using the methods listed above. If you're truly stuck, brainstorming should never be underestimated as well. Once you come up with a fresh new idea you may be able to expand upon it and create several more new articles.


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