21 Untapped Traffic Sources

Thought I would share some of my favorite traffic strategies.
Please feel free to add to the list!

1. Submit your Blog to Content Aggregators
like AllTop.com and 9Rules.com.

2. High-Profile Content Syndication - As you probably know, simply
submitting you articles to sites like EzineArticles.com is becoming less and less effective. You can get exponentially more results by zoning on in high-profile content syndication - submitting your articles to the top blogs and websites in your niche. For example, here are just a few top-tier websites that accept article contributions:


And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

No matter what market you’re in, there are very popular websites that you
could be submitting articles to for massive traffic.

3. Guest Blogging - Yes, I realize that most of you have probably already
heard about the power of guest blogging. But how many of you are actually doing it?

4. Trackbacks

5. Blog Commenting - Blog commenting is an extremely powerful strategy
for building traffic and developing relationships with other people in your niche. Click here to find out how one blog comment can bring 230+ unique visitors.

6. Write Tutorials! - Tutorials are a HUGE untapped traffic source online. If you have a website related to graphic design, wordpress, web development, SEO, marketing, or programming, then you can use tutorials
to send thousands of visitors to your website.

This includes sites like:


7. Video Responses - This is one of the easiest ways to get hundreds of
extra views on your YouTube videos.

8. Tag Your Videos - If you use the same tags as another related video on YouTube, then you will have a very good chance of appearing in the
related videos in the sidebar of that video, which can send you tons of
extra traffic, especially if it's a popular video.

9. Embed Your Video for Hundreds of Extra Views - You can also embed your video on other sites for hundreds of extra views. This includes sites like WonderHowTo.com, Flixya.com, Uvouch.com, Tagged.com, Vewgle.com, etc...

10. Get More Views on Your EzineArticles by getting in the "Most Viewed" or the "Most Published" section at the end of each article. You can do this by submitting your article to all of the different social bookmarking sites until you are the "most viewed" in your category.

Once your article is placed in the "Most Viewed" section or the "Most
Published" section, it will be placed on every single article within that particular category.

That means extra exposure for your article and more LINK JUICE. The internal linking structure within EzineArticles.com is EXTREMELY powerful
for ranking in Google, giving you a much better chance of ranking for your chosen keyword phrase.

If you want to guarantee your spot in the “Most Viewed” section you can
use StumbleUpon advertising, which is just 5 cents per view. This is one
of the simplest ways to get your article in the “Most Viewed” section.

Plus, by using StumbleUpon, you’re also driving lots of targeted traffic to your article and increasing your exposure.

11. Cool Site of The Day - Do you have a cool website? If so, you can
submit it to Cool Site of the Day. If chosen, you will receive thousands
of visitors to your website.

12. Coupons - If your site offers coupons of any kind, you can submit
your site to hundreds of different coupon directories online for
additional exposure and traffic.

For a complete list of coupon sites, go to…


13. Twitter Traffic

14. Free WSO's for building your list

15. JV Giveways

16. Host your Own JV Giveaways

17. Ad Swaps

18. Use a Contest to Double Your List Size - I'm always surprised at how
few people use this technique.

Clayton Makepeace, one of the smartest marketers online, has used this
technique quite effectively.

This technique allows you to leverage your exisiting list in order to add
thousands of additional subscribers.

19. Amazon Mechanical Turk - Many people do not realize it’s potential
marketing power. You can use MTurk to get people to submit your articles
to social bookmarking sites, Stumbles, Diggs, YouTube votes, YouTube
comments, etc…

20. SocialElves - If you've ever wanted to get on the front page of Digg,
SocialElves.com can help you do it. They are one of the first to offer
truly organic marketing campaigns on Digg.com. If you’d like to get more
exposure on your content WITHOUT having to spend months developing power profiles on all the different social media sites, then I would highly
suggest you check out SocialElves.com

21. Buy Existing Websites - I’m always surprised how few people are
buying existing websites online. You can easily buy an untapped website
and quickly turn it into an automatic lead machine for pennies on the

For more in-depth information on each of these high-powered traffic strategies, go to:


See what I'm up to at my private blog:

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6. "I was doing Yoga exercises to relieve work-related stress."
7. "Damn! Why did you interrupt me? I had almost figured out a solution to our biggest problem."
8. "The coffee machine is broken..."
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Top Five Facebook SEO tips

Countless internet marketers are turning to social networking sites to achieve search engine optimization. While this was a foreign notion only a few years ago, major sites such as Facebook are playing a vital role in google rankings. Here are five key areas all Facebook users should consider.

1. Search results continue to include people’s profiles as well as pertinent pages, groups and applications. Pages have fans whereas groups have members, however, both work in a similar fashion. A page for a business or small organization can be made in a matter of minutes as yet so many marketers overlook this facet.

2. Facebook gives us some clues regarding its algorithmic ranking factors. Be sure to read it and understand its meaning. Also stay up to speed on changes in the Facebook blogs they will certainly occur. Hopefully as Facebook grows they’ll make a search quality team ambassador available like Google’s Matt Cutts and Bing’s Sasi Parthasarathy. As people learn to spam these results, Facebook will react and SEOs will want more information.

3. In addition to wall posts, think SEO in tendering status updates, links and notes. You never know who will find it, searching for whatever. These are probably the simplest and fastest means of including relevant links and keywords.

4. Wall posts and external content like blog posts and news should be optimized for important keywords, especially the content’s title tag. If possible post content where the call to action and/or contact information is actually in the title tag. This gets your pitch to the search results as opposed to requiring a second click through to a profile page.

5. If you want your promotional data indexed in the wider Facebook, outside of your friends, make sure you select “everyone” in the privacy settings. Though it is possible users might not be happy if they were aware, existing accounts default to “everyone,” understanding this is a cool inside tip for early success.

By really digging deep into how Facebook is searching internal content, you’ll be tapping into the next level of the web’s development, uncovering a gold mine of data about what people are talking about, what they like and dislike, and how they are influencing the opinions of others. This is clearly an important search frontier.

About the Author:

Daniel D. is an avid writer on various internet marketing topics and is the founder of the Doctor DubLi Team. He creates innovative marketing tools for novice and aspiring networkers worldwide from his office in Suburban Detroit. Learn more about his business and how his team is seeing success by integrating social networking and DubLi marketing

Article Source: Top Five Facebook SEO tips

Free Internet Advertising and Marketing Tips For Work From Home Business Success

Have you been pursuing online business opportunity success but not really getting anywhere? Many people don't understand that success with an online home-based business is about marketing online...successfully that is. While there are a plethora of sources out there that will tell you what free online advertising resources to use, not many really show you a definitive strategy for using free online advertising to truly achieve work from home success. I'm going to share the exact free online advertising plan I've used for generating consistent quality traffic to my websites, quality leads for my home-based business, and to make money consistently online...all for free.

To succeed with free online advertising in your work from home business you need to establish a definite marketing game plan. You can't just 'wing' it daily or weekly in your marketing and expect effective results. Here's a definitive marketing game plan using the three top free online advertising sources:

· Forum Posting (with signature link): 3-6 post daily
· Articles: 2-3 weekly
· Videos: 1 bi-weekly

Using that marketing game plan, with only those three online advertising methods, you can create an internet presence that will consistently drive traffic to your websites and grow your home-based business successfully. Now, don't fret if you can't follow it exactly. The idea is that you want to layout something similar that fits your schedule. Someone that works from home full-time will have more time than someone that is working from home part-time, however either way you need a definitive marketing plan that you can follow without fail in order to succeed with working from home in an online business.

Before delving into a technique to make free online advertising work extremely well, first let me share with you a couple of free online advertising strategies I don't put at the top of my list. Safelist and traffic exchanges; Most people starting out in a home-based business run to those free online advertising resources in hope of growing their business but I have not found them to be overall effective, especially long term, compared to the first three I mentioned. I'm not saying don't use them never, but if you stay away from them you won't miss out on much either.

The thing about safelists and traffic exchanges is they fail to bring you organic quality traffic long term that can consistently grow your work from home business. Nearly everyone on the safelists and traffic exchanges are tied up and focused on promoting some other opportunity and just clicking on your site for credits to get free advertising. I find putting that same "clicking time" into the first three free online advertising sources listed above will serve one much better and will bring one much better results, especially long term. There are of course many other free online advertising that one can use to drive traffic to their website, but I personally know those key three ones stated work wonders.

With forum posting, articles, and videos you are not just spending you wheels with a "one-shot" ad hoping of getting traffic to your website. When you effectively advertise using those top three methods you are essentially creating an ad for your home business website that last indefinitely. I regularly get leads for my business and traffic to my websites from forum post, articles and videos that I did a long time ago. Thus, even if one takes a break or a vacation those top three free online advertising sources can still bring you website traffic while on break, compared to other "one-shot" free online advertising places. The forum posting, articles and videos generally remain ever present on the internet waiting to be accessed in accords with what someone is searching for online therefore continuing to bring you website traffic for free.

Here's a technique to empower your marketing game plan using free online advertising to succeed with your home-based business. Start a blog. Yes, it's that simple. Many people will use the top three free online advertising sources stated above and only drive traffic to their business opportunity website. While that is fine sometimes, I've found that if you link to a blog you can then provide other viable information and links on the blog that may be of interest to people that may or may not be interested in your online home-based business from a first glance at your business opportunity website. Additionally, having a blog will help drive traffic to any videos you may have better than just listing them on top video sites that subsequently leads people back to your business opportunity website.

So start a work from home blog of some sort, for example, and use that to link to your home-based business website and other web content about your online home-based business. This will help you create an online presence that will continue to help you business grow, and make you money, all from free online advertising and marketing.

Access free top quality information about free online advertising and marketing tips for work from home success at www.FreeOnlineAdvertising.info.

Ezine article here: Free Online Advertising Tips

How To Generate Ideas For Your Internet Marketing Articles

How To Generate Ideas For Your Internet Marketing Articles

Writing a "how to" or an informative article can be a great way to establish yourself as an internet marketing authority, while at the same time generating free leads for your business. For this reason, if you're a newbie internet marketer I recommend writing one new article a day. It can be quite difficult however to constantly come up with new article topics. Listed below are some methods I use to come up with article topics.

1) Write About a Marketing Method You Use

If you're new to the internet marketing industry, whichever company you've joined will ideally have provided you with full training on marketing strategies. Do you market with Facebook? Twitter? Listjoe? Articles? Press Relseases? Google AdWords? Marketing strategies alone should give you 10 or 15 solid article topics. Simply write a "how to" article describing how to use each method for marketing purposes. You really don't need a lot of experience to do this. There are so many people out there right now who have no clue on how to do any of this that you're already ahead of the game if you have any background in it at all.

2) Read a Marketing-Related Book

The book doesn't have to be purely an internet marketing-based book... it could be a book on how to run a business, business and mindset (one VERY important variable in succeeding in this industry is mindset, and there are plenty of books on the topic), or anything else somehow related to succeeding as an internet marketer. I was recently speaking to a friend who mentioned a chapter in a book he was reading called "The 10 000 Hour Rule". The 10 000 rule (based on fact) states that to become world-class at anything you will need to have spent about 10 000 doing whatever "anything" is. This apparently applies to literally almost anything... becoming a world class guitar player, hockey player, chef... internet marketer. Anyway, that's not the point here. The point here is that an article on this topic could easily be written and related to succeeding in the internet marketing industry. So open the nearest marketing-related book, go to a random chapter, and chances are you can likely write an article on the chapter topic. I am not advocating plagiarism... give credit where credit is due of course.

3) Expand on Previous Topics

It's likely whichever articles you've written contain subtopics. A great way to generate new article topics is to expand on a subtopic of a previous article. Have you written about social media? Then maybe you want to write an article about each individual social media site. Then perhaps there's a specific topic about each site you'd like to expand upon. This method can be incredibly useful in producing a large number of new topics when you're stuck for ideas.

4) Read Other Internet Marketing Articles

Again this is not to say that you should plagiarize. Simply seeing what other people have written about can have you generating ideas you wouldn't have thought of otherwise. Researching articles of specific people can also be great for coming up with ideas. If you know of any top producers in the industry, or people who do particularly well with article marketing, see what they've been writing about.

5) Speak to Other People in the Industry

Attend your company's live training or simply speak to other members of your company. I've come up with a few good ideas simply by chance through talking to my peers, i.e. the 10 000 hour rule (above). Additionally, your company's live training should expand on training methods you're currently using, which should give you other ideas on what you can write about.

6) Read the News

It's no secret that the economy isn't in such great shape right now, but reading the news can give you specific ideas about what is currently happening. Is a specific sector or company doing particularly poorly at the moment? What's one solution for people working in that company or sector? Starting a home based business in the internet marketing industry. Tagging your articles with keywords related to current events (keywords that people are searching for a lot) can help to generate a lot of views for such articles.

You should be able to come up with many solid article topics using the methods listed above. If you're truly stuck, brainstorming should never be underestimated as well. Once you come up with a fresh new idea you may be able to expand upon it and create several more new articles.


Matt Mossop is a succesful internet marketer and home based business owner. To learn more about Matt and how he can help you, visit MattMossop.com.

How To Increase Your Home Based Mlm Business Opportunity Leads Using Articles - 6 Hot Tips

If you want to create some highly targeted leads for your home based MLM business opportunity, I recommend writing Articles. This strategy allows you to make a connection with your reader by providing valuable content to help their business.

In return your reader is offered an option to visit your website where you can then convert the article reader to an MLM network marketing lead. This article will give you 5 tips on how you can achieve this:

1) An interesting Article Title: The first thing your reader will see is the article title, so you need to make this eye catching. I suggest creating long article titles to make your title stick out from the rest. Also include numbers like - 5 Tips to, within 90 days, 10 ways to, etc. This will generate interest in your article.

2) Useful content: The content of your articles is very important. If you are lazy you may think you can simply write any old article and submit it to an article directory and wait for the traffic. Unfortunately it is not that easy. Two problems with that approach, the article directory probably will not publish the article and secondly if it is published you will probably not get many readers.

The tip here is to create useful articles for people specific to your business. For example I have a home based MLM business opportunity and passionate about the industry. Therefore I focus all of my articles around this topic.

I know the struggles of Network marketers because I have shared their struggles. So I know what content can help them succeed. So my first tip to you is write useful, specific content to your businesses target audience. 3) Consistency: My next tip is to be consistent with your articles. If you want to generate some regular leads to your business you need to have a regular flow of articles. I would suggest writing at least 5 articles a weeks. So you could work Monday to Friday and write one article a day.

4) Short and to the point: When you are writing your articles my advice is to keep your article short and to the point. The concentration span of most article readers is short. If you attempt to write a very long article and waffle on, your reader will not bother to read the whole article. You want your readers to read the whole article, love it and then look for more information about you.

5) Resource Box: This is the link back to your website. I would suggest having an MLM network marketing lead capture page that will give your reader an option to leave their details so you can contact them with more helpful content or offers.

6) Sales funnel: Once you have converted your article reader to a home based MLM business opportunity lead it is important to have an effective sales funnel to maximize the value of the MLM network marketing lead. The right sales funnel will allow you to incorporate a number of income streams as well as your primary business.

If you follow these tips on Article marketing you will be able to understand how you can generate more leads into your business using articles. I wish you success with your marketing.

If you want to create some highly targeted leads for your home based MLM business opportunity, I recommend writing Articles. This strategy allows you to make a connection with your reader by providing valuable content to help their business.

Wayne Vassell has had great success with his home based MLM business opportunity and setup his own re-usable sales funnel that can be duplicated and customized for any MLM opportunity and run on auto-pilot. To get FREE information on how to copy it CLICK HERE

Free Monthly Income : Proof It's Real

Come And Get Your Free Monthly Income:

Stop Wasting Money On Google. Use Articles And Blogs To Boost Your Website Ranking.

So your website is up and running and the investment in time and money you've put into your PPC campaign is now paying off.

With the website tracking you have implemented, you have been able to fine-tune your campaign so that you now have a fairly good idea about who you're marketing to, what they're searching for and the highest converting and traffic keywords. You have also been able to slowly reduce your CPC (cost per click) down to a more reasonable level.

But like all good businesses, you are constantly looking for ways to improve on your ROI which in the world of internet marketing means higher click rates. You should also be fully aware that you need to know how to monetize the traffic you are generating from your website. Traffic means nothing if you're not doing anything with it.

There are a multitude of free ways to improve your search engine ranking so that you're on the first page (and hopefully first position) on your relevant keyword search results.

In this article I'm going to go through the main ways in which you can do this. The most common term used for this is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.

A search engine's primary purpose is to serve the user the closest match and most relevant information for any given keyword search. Search engines reward websites that have good quality, relevant information with high search rankings.

One of the ways that a search engine ranks a website is by the number of unique links the website has from other websites. From the search engine point of view, this is an indication that the website must have something of value to other websites.

There are some important key things you must always understand to have an effective SE marketing strategy.

1. Provide valuable, relevant content. Don't just fill your site with non-relevant garbage. All articles on your website should be relevant and consistent to what your website is about. It is very easy to download hundreds of articles for free and pad out your website with them, but people will soon find out that the information you're providing is non-relevant and won't bother visiting.

People need to be interested in the articles or else they won't link to your website and you won't build your rankings. This takes time...as I seem to keep mentioning in my articles..."Rome wasn't built in day." Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with using free articles, but the least you can do is filter out any non-relevant stuff.

2. Add content to your website regularly. Don't expect to be able to add 1000 articles to your website in one go and expect a 1st position ranking in Google overnight. To get a high ranking using these free techniques takes time. Try to think of your internet business as an organic thing like an oak seed. It might take a while before you see any results, but given a bit of time and attention, it will grow into something massive and long lasting.

Weblogging (or blogging) is probably the easiest way to add content regularly.

Specifically designed websites called weblogs or blogs allow for easy and regular posting of articles. One of the most popular platforms used today can be found at www.wordpress.com. In fact, this blog is being hosted by them.

When writing your articles, make sure the content is relevant to your website and make sure it will interest whoever is reading it. Make sure that the article has links back to your other websites, be they your personal website or your lead capture pages, so that you are encouraging people to click them and so build up your authority status and keep the search engines happy.

Remember, search engines sole purpose is to provide people with the best quality and most relevant information possible. If you are doing that, they will reward you with a higher search engine ranking.

3. Get your articles published by as many other websites as possible. It is important to throw your net wide and get a large variety of different websites linking back to your websites. Use syndication sites, reprint rights, press releases and article distribution sites to get your articles published by other websites, so that you can steadily build up your search ranking.

How do you do this? In actual fact, this blog is a form of syndication. A popular method is to use RSS, which allows subscribers to be instantly notified of any new updates. You can also publish articles using article submission sites like www.ezinearticles.com or submityourarticle.com.

So how often should I publish an article or blog?

Well it's really up to you, what your website is and what sort of ranking you want. Approximately 1-8 articles a month is optimal, but never more than this. Publishers soon get tired of numerous articles from the same author. The key is consistency. Submit an article a few times a month, every month, and you should see results in just a few months.

Because blogs and articles are a simple and effective way to get content out onto the internet, they can be misused and abused by people flooding blog sites with complete rubbish using automated scripts in an attempt to boost their search engine rankings. People want content that is interesting and relevant and will soon get bored and annoyed with sites that have obviously gone for the quick and dirty approach to providing relevant content.

By: Andrew Egorov

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Andrew is an Internet Entrepreneur and Mentor, with over 20 years experience in the IT industry. He is passionate about teaching people how to build and manage their own internet business and sharing his extensive expertise and knowledge of the Internet. His main business website is www.incomelifestylefreedom.com His personal website is www.andrewegorov.com Visit his websites for FREE information!

Making Money Online - 7 Reasons Why People Fail

Internet marketers have a staggeringly high failure rate, almost 97%. Making money on the internet is still a lucrative business opportunity compared to the traditional 'bricks and mortar' business, so why is it so many new marketers fail to make money online?

1. They expect instant results.

With all the hype on the internet people still believe they can make money literally overnight and when they don't they are disappointed and believe they were scammed.

The truth is no system will make you rich overnight no matter how good it claims to be, so don't fall for it. It takes time and effort to be successful in this industry.

Treat your internet venture just like you would any other business.

2. They are unfocused.

When you first start out it is easy to want to do everything at once but this is unrealistic and also unproductive. It is impossible to focus on ten projects at once when you are starting out and expect to succeed. Start out with one campaign and wait until it is established before moving on to another. It is extremely easy to get side tracked on the internet, start by turning off your email program.

If something grabs your attention bookmark it so you can come back to it at a later date.

3. They have unrealistic goals.

Don't believe what you see on the internet about making $10,000 a month, especially when you are starting out it isn't going to happen. Some internet marketers claim to earn this amount and some do. When you are starting out you can't expect to earn what some marketers have been doing for years. Give yourself time to learn the ropes before you expect to earn high profits.

4. They are not committed.

People are lured by the flashy cars and wads of cash but quickly lose interest when they discover 'work' is involved. You hear about the auto pilot programs that make money for you while you sleep. With any business you need to put in effort and online businesses are no different. You need to set aside a certain amount of time each day. If you start a blog you need to be consistent and add content regularly. Ideally this will be everyday but make sure it is at least twice weekly.

5. They are not willing to invest in their business

Many people are not willing to invest in their internet business and it cost them dearly. You need to remind yourself this is a business not a hobby and if you continue to use free advertising services/auto responders etc your business will fail to thrive. If you want to succeed you must be willing to invest some money (and time). You don't need to blow your budget but you will need to invest in reliable services.

6. They do not get traffic to their site.

The phrase "build it and they will come" is not true in this market, you need to get targeted traffic to your site or you will never make money. If potential customers cannot find your website how can they buy your product?

7. They do not collect visitor's details.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as an internet marketer is not collecting email addresses.
Most people will not buy a product the first time they see it, they probably will need to see it two or three times before they purchase. Collecting email addresses with an opt in form allows you to remind the visitor prompting them to purchase, it also gives the opportunity to up sell.

In summary most internet marketers fail because they fail to plan.

Internet marketing is not a get rich quick opportunity but a process that takes time and some effort.
If you are willing to follow the step and do your research you may emerge as one of the 3% rather than the 97% failures.

Auriana Jensen

Solutions for Wealth
http://www.thewealthysolution.com/blog subscribe for free money making tips and resources.

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Work From Home and Earn Residual Free Monthly Income

Today's economy has lead to more people looking to work from home and generate an income online. Mostly from a lack of choice. With the U.S. at an 8.1% unemployment rate traditional jobs are not plenty, thus people are turning to looking to earn money online working from home.

Problem is that 99% of the work at home business opportunities demand your money to get started on the HOPE of making money. Then once you join you often get slammed with incidental fees of website set up, admin monthly fees, marketing cost, etc. Now you are out more money and still haven't made a dime. So prayer kicks in: "God, Please, Please let me at least make my money back." Well some do make their money back, but more take a lost. In honesty this probably has little to do with the opportunity and more to do with people not understanding what it takes to manifest success with an online business.

Either way this HOPE of making money in a work from home business by first unloading your hard earn money is causing more stress on people struggling to make a living giving the state of the economy and having to turn to home-based business. So you find people searching for free work from home ideas or business opportunities.

Challenge with most free businesses is they are not really free. Meaning they give you a free 'x' days trial, but you still better have your credit/debit card ready to pay to join. Others, like pay-to-click web surfing only dish you out pennies for your efforts. Your income can only become substantial if you are able to build like a 10-20 thousand person down-line. We'll maybe not that many, but it feels like that when the earnings are penny driven. But people are doing what they need to do to try and make free money online.

People need to generate monthly residual income from their work from home online business just as if they had a normal job. A business that can generates you monthly residual income is very important. There are many one-time pay opportunities popping up these days that many people jump on board to try and make money online. Thinking it's a one-time cost and it's not that expensive. Challenge is all those online business opportunities are networking businesses driven by creating a down-line. Establishing a networking down-line home-based business can be very profitable. Just look at Amway. They stayed the course and now they have their name on the NBA Orlando Magic basketball arena. However, they didn't achieve that with a one-time payment networking business. Why because one-time payments are nice, but it's not going to create for you a steady and growing monthly residual income. Amway, and others, understands this fact, that success in having your own home-based business MUST involve residual income generation because individuals can only introduce a finite number of people to an opportunity.

When you understand that you and all those that you introduce to a networking business can and will only introduce a finite number of persons to the opportunity then you will understand that creating a successful online work from home business, particularly one that deals with network marketing, must involve a pay plan that generates monthly residual income for you and your associates. Anything else is nothing short of a traditional direct sales job. Meaning, you don't have walk away monthly income. That's cash flow coming to you monthly if and when "life comes at you fast" and you have to pull away from your business for a moment.

Given the state of the job market and economy globally, work from home business opportunities are the way for one to create their own wealth generation. However, as talked about above people need opportunity that doesn't drain their bank account why they work to get their home based business growing and cash flowing. On top of that those work at home moms and work at home dads need to create monthly residual income. The best scenario is a work from home business that is free and starts to immediately generate you substantive free monthly residual income. I know the ideal of such existing sounds ludicrous, but this is where one must understand the power of the internet.

The internet has created cash flow opportunities that people would never have imagined could exist. However because of the internet you can have your cake and eat it too. The need for massive international distribution of information, services and products by companies via the internet allows one to not only be able to work from home for free, but they can create substantial residual free monthly income. I'm talking about leave your credit/debit card in your wallet, yet still get involved in a work from home business opportunity and start creating wealth.

The internet has allowed the birth of a viable work from home free business opportunity that creates free steady and growing monthly residual income that can and is changing people's financial future for the better. Some things in life are free...thanks to the internet.

Work from home and generate free MONTHY residual income. Now that's exciting!

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4 Ways To Attract Free Traffic — With A Blog!

Author: 519studio

Blogging — both writing blogs AND reading blogs — has gone from being a "fringe" activity to one of the most popular pastimes on the ‘Net. In fact, blogging is now a global phenomenon. There are currently 112.8 million blogs in existence, with 175,000 new ones launching every day.

… But did you know that blogs are also a great way to drive traffic to your site?

Blogs, by design, are built to quickly and easily attract free traffic, whether it be from search engines or from a rapid influx of links. The moment you publish a post, your blog goes to work for you letting the world know that you’ve made an update - the search engines come running and you find yourself ranking #1 for keywords in no time.

Here are 4 ways to attract FREE traffic to your site using blogs (and 4 reasons why you NEED to start blogging):

1. Long-Tail Keywords

Instead of using only the most obvious or generic terms related to the topic of your post, focus on more specific words and phrases, i.e., long-tail keywords.

For instance, if you are writing a post about nordic skiing at Sun Peaks Resort near Kamloops, British Columbia, you don’t want to target keywords such as ‘travel’ and ’skiing’ which will put you in direct competition with Expedia.com, SkiNet.com and the like.

Instead, target "cross country skiing at Sun Peaks Resort" and not only will your post show up in a blog search, but it’ll soon rank in the top ten in Google’s organic listings as well.

Blogs are notorious for ranking high and fast for long-tail keywords. Over time with hundreds of these, the traffic is more targeted and far more valuable than having one "highly competitive" keyword.

2. Bookmark with OnlyWire

Onlywire is a service that allows you to automatically bookmark your post on well over 17 high-traffic sites.

It takes just a few clicks to do this every time you post. You simply click a button on your browser, type in a few keywords and hit "submit." Yes, the service is absolutely free.

Onlywire is a great way to not only attract visitors but to also get the search engines running in to index your new post.

3. Leave Blog Comments

One of the best ways to get traffic and highly valuable links in the beginning is to leave comments on other high-traffic blogs in your niche.

Finding these blogs is easy — either just search Google or visit Technorati and find the most popular in your topic.

A couple of key techniques to use:

A) Don’t use your name, use something catchy (or a keyword). When the post LINKS to your site, they link the "name field" — so as long as you use something enticing, you’ll get people to click.

Or you can use a keyword and that way you get more search engine recognition for the term you are optimizing for.

B) Don’t abuse this — You can easily find yourself blocked from leaving future comments. Leave a comment that is useful and shows that you read what you’re commenting on. Not only will this make the blogger happy but it’ll get you more traffic and credibility.

4. Involve the Press

Too many people have forgotten how great press releases can be for traffic — mostly because they don’t know the "right" way of using press releases.

The trick is to base your press releases on information that actually MATTERS to people.

The easiest way to generate the valuable content for press releases is to quickly poll your readers (or get another blogger to help generate the results). So long as you can get at least 50 people to respond, you can issue a press release with your new-found data.

The press loves data, readers love data — posts and press releases like this make their way around the Internet very fast.

The above 4 tactics represent less than 20% of the ways that a blog can generate free and targeted traffic to your website.

If you don’t already maintain a blog, you should seriously think about starting one up right away. It’s the easiest way to establish a solid online presence.

… And if you’re not sure how to go about setting up your own blog, don’t worry — we can help!

About the Author:

519Studio is an independent, full service, digital creative agency. We specialize in website design,website development, online promotion, flash design, interactive marketing, 3D games, viral campaigns etc.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/seo-articles/4-ways-to-attract-free-traffic-with-a-blog-800886.html

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Monthly Residual Income - Why has it been such a challenge for people to make it happen?

What is the biggest hurdle or challenge to people establishing a monthly residual income from network marketing/mlm? I mean people all over the world want to generate monthly residual income. That's cash flow coming in even when you are not actively engaged in the business, or away, on vacation or dealing with challenges in life. Yet, while many have succeed in creating the substantial monthly residual income, others, far to many, have not. What is the difficulty or challenge and how can one over come it?

Is it the program/company?

Is it the marketing?

Is it the person themselves?

Is it commitment and dedication?

Is it the monthly cost to participate, or money in general?

Is it training and support?

If others have and are doing it then surely creating a monthly residual income via network marketing, and online, can be done, but how can more achieve the same?

What are your comments and feed back. Share, if you would in the comments section (creates backlinks to your website to increase search engine rankings).
(working on something great to make more people a substantial monthly residual income online for FREE!)

Jah Kafele, Work At Home Professional

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Success In Network Marketing – It Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

Networking marketing success has alluded so many that have tried to succeed at it. The saying is the failure rate is at least 95 percent. However, this failure rate can often be contributed to the system and plan for success relative to the network marketing company.

Many companies actually have compensation structures that by their design impeded network marketing success for the masses. By this I mean that what it takes to first break even and then grow and build your business requires the recruiting of too many people. Or the process for growth is not conducive to the masses, where if you individually are able to introduce many people, your team struggles. This is why often many network marketing/mlm companies lean heavily on the product. If they can get you to love the product then you will forget about the need to make money with the company and just steadily go about being a busy bee buying the product or service monthly and occasionally selling the product to someone else. Then maybe you'll make some money, somehow, someway, someday.

Success in network marketing means you are involved with a company and steadily growing and building a profitable business that is generating you a MONTHLY residual income. The sooner you can do it the better. After having been involved in so many business opportunities seeking success in network marketing I realized that if I was going to have success there were a few things that were essential when looking at business opportunity:

1. How fast does the compensation plan allow me to break even on a monthly basis

2. How will my prospects or referrals perceive their opportunity to succeed with the program

3. What is the marketing plan or strategy for building the business and succeeding

I've attended many business opportunity calls and heard many folks talked about how much they earned and how fast. Most never tell you that they came in with a group of people so that the dollars flowed in instantly and quickly. Thus I've learned to throw those 'exciting' comments out the window and focus on item number one above. Two referrals at the most, would ideally be what you want in the compensation plan to allow yourself to break even fast and have success in network marketing with that company.

Accordingly, if you prospect/referrals sees the compensation plan and understand that it doesn't take a lot for them to break even and succeed as well they are more likely to take an interest and join you in achieving success in network marketing with that company.

Additionally, there must be training and support on marketing strategies that work universally for all that get involved, so that they can have success in network marketing independent of the 'big recruiting gurus.' The training and support ideally should be company based, so that one is not left dependent solely on their sponsor to succeed with the company.

The internet has opened the doors for more people to find success in network marketing unlike any other time. One need only seize the opportunity to have success in network marketing by connecting with a company that can provide the items mentioned above.

Lastly, don't come in looking for instant riches, look for a game plan for success, and commit to working it so that success in network marketing can be yours without a great challenge. If others have done it you can too. Believe and you will achieve a monthly residual income in network marketing.

See the live article on IdealMarketers site: Success In Network Marketing

Success In Network Marketing...Made Easy

Network Marketing Success
Made Easy Using "The Power of 1"

Once you understand "The Power of 1" marketing concept. You will see that achieving success in network marketing doesn't have to be so difficult. You just need the right system and then commit to working the plan.

Over come your network marketing struggles and build a monthly residual income in excess of $4,100 a month with the simplest plan for success I've ever seen.

Check out the 5 minute, 26 sec video to see what I'm talking about:

Viral Internet Marketing Campaign Lead System

Powerful Viral Internet Marketing Campaign System
Can Produce Massive Leads For Your Business, Product, or Service

Written Article on Viral Marketing Campaign

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People just really don't know that you can make substantial free cash online

I posed a question on yahoo Answers, "How To Make Money Online For Free?"
and I added a more detail part to the question stating:
"Anyone successfully making free cash over and over online, and building a monthly residual income for free?"

It is so interesting the responses coming in. From website surfing for pennies, to doing surveys, to "there is not free lunch."

The responses just show that our Free Online Cash System and Monthly residual income builder - Cash Flow Success System is a wide open opportunity to help people make money online for free over and over, and build a monthly residual income for free.

There is simply no one doing what we are doing, how we are doing it. Free Cash Is Real!

You can see the Yahoo Answers question I pose, and responses here: How To Make Money Online For Free?

Seems yahoo didn't like my question of can people make money online for free and deleted, these companies working against the greater good, but I'll post the comments that did come in here that I have showing on my computer:

  1. There is NO free lunch!
  2. Some of these companies are free to join

  3. There's no such thing as free cash. You might as well try to find the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. If you want cash you have to work for it and earn it like anyone else. There are jobs that pay online, but usually the pay is pennies compared to what you can earn by getting a real job, and usually they're scams.
  4. Want to find out how im making $1000s of dollars a month, you can also if you follow the way i do it , you could make 100s of dollars a month, all you got to do is visit my website

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  5. I wanna share to you the same answers I gave some people who asked about online biz. It will give you an idea how to set up online business of your own. I'll just paste it here so that I won't retype.

    I wanna share my knowledge to you, good you are looking for a homebased business, nowadays there are lots of people earning from it.
    Internet is the biggest arena of people, the biggest market, therefor, internet business is a big or even bigger than traditional business.

    I'd been on the business for quite some time right now. Like you, when I was just starting I tried the survey thing but I haven't received any single offer for doing the survey because I was very young that time.

    Now, with my experiences in various types of online business, I can say what works and what doesn't. I wanna help you find real work.

    It's true "$10,000" is too far to reach and too positively projected income, however, it can be true but it would take more than atleast 2 years in the business to gain that high with everyday work work and work! Most of my colleagues and I earn from $3000- $6000 and some $7,000 monthly. However, again it takes TIME, EFFORT and DEDICATION to attain that level. (my first laptop almost lost their print keys because of overusage, I had to change my hard-drive because of overheating) but the bottom line is, it's possible to earn online.

    One thing, all online business really do "pay" however, marketing their products are well to far from reality the hallmark difference of online businesses is "marketability" most people won't spend too much to start of something. Never ever join any online business that asks for membership $50 or more monthly. It's already too big for an online business membership fee. You might end up crying for the little $50 multiplied in several months and then you quit.

    Here are the legal ways I know.

    1. Adsense by google- google won't fool you, they'll pay you $0.10-$0.50 each click you get in your website (just imagine how many people are using the internet)

    2. Click-bank - get 10-75% of commission by selling products. (have you ever wonder why ebay is a big market now? most sellers don't really own the product, but they are retailers! $500- $2000/monthly
    depending on your sales.

    3. HD publishings - get $30 each info that has been availed by someone in your website. (about $300-$500/monthly)

    4. Reunion - same as HD publishings. (same as HD)

    5. Acme people search by Tissa - He pays you $125 just by joining him. get $30 each person gets into his system. ($5 for the first 30 days, $10 next 45 days, $15 next 65 days.) As for me I can get 20-30 persons joining my team in a week. And they get good incomes too because I help them.

    6. GDI - this is where you can get a cheap website for only $10 so that you can make use of those companies above.
    **if you already have a website that is not GDI, it's ok. You can use it.
    however GDI offers $1 each referal you make say, you have 10 referrals in one week, you get $10 instantly and a bonus of $200. If those 10 people refer 10 each, you get $100 and then 100 people refer another 10 each, you have a pretty $1,000/monthly and if they get 5 refers each, you get an awesome $5,000/monthly.

    Looks so big! however, again it takes INVESTMENT OF TIME and DEDICATION (2-4 hours of internet work a day)

    click bank - free to join
    hd pub- free to join
    reunion- free to join
    adsense- free to join

    Tissa- for your advertisement needs he offers a 1 month free trial. and $30 usd monthly for your advertisements.

    GDI- just $10/monthly to the right to use your website/domain

    I know that's gonna help you.
    I want to help you, rest assured, I will help you until you get your money in your hands as I always do with all my affiliates.

    God bless you! http://www.wonderfullife.ws/tissa.htm
  6. I will guarantee this is the best of the bestSo...Can any of the sites out there really fulfill their promise of easy-money-making?

    YES! make taht cash money is a perfect example of one!

    Using mtcm, it's VERY easy to make decent money, using VERY little of your time!

    Did I mention it's free?

    You have my WORD..This is 110% legit!

    How much can you make? For the small amount of work needed, you can make a lot. For instance, it's very easy to make, let's say, $10 dollars a day. Take a month consisting of 30 days...10 times 30..$300! And that's at a very simple level..The more time you commit to the website, the more you can earn! There ARE people earning $1500+ a month, on average! makethatcashmoney is TRULY amazing!

    Companies pay you to complete free surveys and offers. Earn cash each month and receive by cheque or paypal.

    Each survey is quick and easy to do, and pays up to $2.

    There is absolutely no catch, as the company make money from the advertisers sending you offers/surveys and give you a portion of this.

    You don't have to worry about your info ever being in danger, as they only deal with advertisers who will adhere to this. You may get alot of junk email, however, most users when entering an email adress use one they don't often use (don't use your primary email account).

    With 800,00 members and growing and a great community forum for tips and help, you really are at the #1 in get-paid-to sites.

    Most users just filling in a few surveys each week, can hope to earn $20 up to $75 no problem.

    But remember, after signing up and visiting the page "REFERRAL INFO" in your account, you will see your link to sign up others. You can use this to sign up your friends or in your forum signature. People who click it and sign up will now earn you 20% commission on whatever they make! So a user earning $100 will give you $20 to your account, plus you get paid $3 every time a user you have signed up passes the $10 mark.

    On top of that, if one of you're friends/referrals signs someone else up, you get 10% of THEIR earnings!

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  7. Well, I am successfully making my thousands monthly with GDI affiliate program. From my own experience I can tell you that there is no such thing as get-rich-fast or 'make money online doing nothing'. Everything depends only on you, how much effort you are ready to put in the business. I'm not talking about money here because I have used only the programs that are free, because I want to be absolutely sure that I can't lose anything, but my time if nothing works out.
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  8. Honestly, because of the internet you can make substantial free cash over and over online. And start building a substantial monthly residual income for free.

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    So, yes Free Cash Is Real!

Need to file taxes for a refund?

Several sources out there walk you through filing your taxes on line for free, and free submission to the IRS for a quick rebate. I've used www.taxact.com for the past few years. Has worked well.

They make money when you upgrade, or get the state tax filing software. I've never upgraded. However many states, like Ohio, allow you to easily file your taxes online for free, and get a quick refund. A lot of people are not aware of this state tax filing for free. Well know you know!

You Can Achieve More Than You Think!

This video really shows how you can achieve WAY MORE than what you currently think. And how being focused, with blinders on, can bring about a success you'd never imagine by just looking at what is presently in front of you.

It is this same idea conveyed in this video that is manifesting me $4149 in monthly residual income---Free!

A Fail-Proof Life Changing Technique For A Better Life Financially, Or Otherwise

I'm about to reveal to you something that I learned by happenstance, that dramatically changed my life for the better. This occurred back around 1990, while in college. Many of us do this today but we don't use it for our edification and self improvement. Since coming to understanding what evolved my life for the better back in 1990, I have on occasion heard it commented on but rarely emphasized strongly by any source, until recently. What it was that I learned was the power to change the metaphysical components of thoughts in my blood that feeds my brain and body, and causes me to think, and subsequently behave, in certain ways in my general daily actions, and interactions with others.

By now many are familiar with the extreme popular book "The Secret," which if you didn't know is based of the 1910 book by Wallace D. Wattles, "The Science of Getting Rich." Now many people have read the book or seen the movie "The Secret," but sadly many have failed at implementation of the principles communicated in the book that with certainty are life changing for the better. And here's why.

The person failed to internalize it, and make it a part of their genetic chemical make-up, so that the principles are not a work but a natural part of you. How you internalize something and make it part of you is so simple it's frightening, and I learned this by happenstance a very long time ago, and it has not only served me well, but has never failed to work. And with today's technology it is even more simpler to do than before.

Currently, I'm doing this with "The Science of Getting Rich," with a mix of the "The Secret." I previously did this just over a year ago with the Secret and went on to earn good money in my free online cash system business, but I didn't do it in the most empowering way, yet it still worked and served me well. However, I needed to revitalize and take things to a deeper level with my business, as we, move towards the development and implementation of a process of creating monthly residual income for free for members. I'm now putting this process in full motion, and it will not fail me in my goal of creating for me and others a substantial 4 to 5 figure monthly residual income over the next 12 months.

Here's the very simple life changing technique of internalization that if used will not fail to change the metaphysical vibrations of thoughts in your blood, that feeds your brain, that causes you to think and act in a certain way:

You simply must without pause steadily 'pump' the exact source of that which you want to internalize into your body. The key is you must do it using a source that gives out a sonic vibration. I use my mp3 player, but a cd player or video's audio would work also. If you are reading the source you want to internalize, you will need to do it so that you hear yourself read creating sound vibrations, but the technology of an mp3 player makes this process more easily to do than what I did a long time ago, which was listen to my radio cassette player while in my dorm room, particular while going to sleep.

You must feed the source you are internalizing into the ear, this is why using a source that gives sound is essential. You have to have vibration. The vibrations, while able to penetrate any part of the body, work best when pumped directly into the natural set of openings on are head-the ears. This makes the process smoother and easier for that which one is internalizing to break the layers to the genetic structure in your blood and become one with your mind, body and spirit so that you foremost think, and then subsequently implement and act on that which you are internalizing, if it is something that requires physical body action, in a certain way that is consistent with that which you've internalized.

How long must you do this before you have something internalized. I can't really say there is any set time frame, as it could be relative to the depth of that which you are seeking to internalize. In my experience a good 60 days, maybe 90, is essential in the beginning. What you do in that time frame is just continuously feed that which you want to internalize into your ear daily if possible, if not daily, as close to daily as you can. Doing it more than once a day is fine as well, in fact recommended. You are putting in motion and ultimate changing old ways into new ways, so by constantly pumping in the new stuff you will flush out the old thing that doesn't correspond with that which you are internalizing. This is a truth, I have bear witness too repeatedly. Your mind/body will let you know when it is full of the new information you want internalized and made a part of you. Once done, you will only need to 'top-off the tank' every now and then, and maybe on occasion give yourself a 'tune-up.'

I encourage you to get the audio book of "The Science of Getting Rich", there's probably a copy at your library, but you can currently access, and download, the audiobook online free at this blog: SOGR audio.

"The Science of Getting Rich" is an ageless masterpiece, which explains why "The Secret" did so well when it hit the market. But the difference between the two books is liken to A Master, and a highly advanced student. It's great to deal with the student of the Master, but it's a priceless blessing to be able to learn from the Master himself.

If you want the invaluable principles of "The Secret", which are founded on "The Science of Getting Rich," to work for you and create a better more prosperous life for you then apply this proven internalization technique, which is actually discussed in "The Science of Getting Rich," and I assure it will not fail to change your life for the better.

Be your own boss: Do you have what it takes?

Here's an interesting CNN video detailing a test about what it takes to be your own boss:

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Free Keyword Analyzer Tool

Check out this article on how the right keywords can boost your marketing:

Free Keyword Analyzer Article

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Making Money Online For Free

You can comment on it at digg.com if you like:
How To Make Money Online For Free

How to Make Money Online Free Over & Over

Online Businesses are great because they don't require all the overhead of traditional brick and mortar business. That's why I think it's so exciting to make money online, because the profit potential is great. A computer, an internet connection, and you are off to the riches.....YEAH RIGHT! If it were that simple, my 80 something year old grandmother would be doing this instead of fighting to live off of social security.

Most people that get started in an online business will end up paying to start their online business, especially if they are looking at biz opportunities such as network marketing, mlm, direct sales, or the like. Most that go that route end up feeling as though they lost money or got 'burned' when they don't succeed with that biz opportunity that they paid to get involved with. However, many of those failures are the result of false promises to lure one into the opportunity, lack of training and support to succeed, and ongoing marketing education. More than likely if you have been involved in the type of business opportunities mentioned then you've experienced the feeling of having lost money or gotten 'burned.' But don't despair, because the advent of the internet has opened the gateway for those looking to have a home-based business and make money for free. Prior to the internet this was not really possible, or at least possible and profitable.

Now if you are one that wants to learn how to make money online free then you may find yourself looking at several opportunities involve pay-to-click (PTC), pay-to-read-emails (PTR), paid-to-surf (PTS), or other similar free opportunities that honestly can't provide you a genuine chance to make you a lot of free money online.

What I find when I talk to people looking to make money online; the person wants an online home-based business opportunity that can make them at least some 'decent' money online, that is also free, or at least low cost, to get started and get cash flowing into the bank account. However, most of the business opportunities that many feel will make them substantial money online also seem to cost $100s-$1000s to get started, and that doesn't included set up cost, monthly administrator fees, and advertising/lead generation cost. So people feel there is little hope, because the free programs don't appear to offer the same potential as the ones that cost, and people are tired of paying to join programs and failing and losing money. Thus, the quest to find out how to make money online free!

What I want to convey to you as a one looking for that great home-based business idea that can make you money online free, is that it is possible to make substantial money online for free with an online business. There are proven successful programs and opportunities that will make you free money. In your search you probably ran across affiliate marketing as one of those ways. While it is certainly a proven way, it's not the only way. Heck, in many cases it's going to cost you to learn to be successful at affiliate marketing. Additionally, many that have pursued making money online free with affiliate marketing find that there is no, or little, leverage potential with it, like you have with network marketing and mlm, where you can build a team of others that are making money online right along with yourself, given you the opportunity to have residual income coming in when you are away, on vacation, or when "life comes at you fast."

I don't know about you, but for me, the best opportunity to make money online will be free to low cost, but will also give me the power of leverage that only network marketing can give. I spent a lot of money trying to make money online, and was feed up with that scenario, but not ready to give up. I knew that the internet provided the opportunity to make good money online, but I didn't know it could be done for free. The quest to make money online free can be conquered, you need only to tap into the right home-based business opportunity that has pulled together all the necessary components for one to make good money online free, and that is proven and works...and that you are willing to put the effort into so that you can find success. As, I heard Les Brown say once, "It works, if you work it."

Several online businesses, like the social networking sites yuwie, and 6dgr, have used the model of company profit sharing to create opportunities for people to make free money online. However, those only represent the tip of the iceberg, of an idea that is growing for those looking to build successful internet networking businesses. Yet, it is precisely that model of business that will provide you a means to make good money online free.

So, just how do you make money online free? Seek out that home-based online business opportunity that allows you to get involved for free (or low cost), that also has a company profit sharing model, involves the power of leverage that only networking/mlm can give so that you can establish a monthly residual income, does not demand monthly admin fees (especially before you have a chance to make money), provides a free company marketing website, has free co-op advertising, and last but not least, provides continual free online marketing training and support to help you build a successful business.

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How to Make Money Online Free Over & Over - Ezine Article

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