Success In Network Marketing – It Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

Networking marketing success has alluded so many that have tried to succeed at it. The saying is the failure rate is at least 95 percent. However, this failure rate can often be contributed to the system and plan for success relative to the network marketing company.

Many companies actually have compensation structures that by their design impeded network marketing success for the masses. By this I mean that what it takes to first break even and then grow and build your business requires the recruiting of too many people. Or the process for growth is not conducive to the masses, where if you individually are able to introduce many people, your team struggles. This is why often many network marketing/mlm companies lean heavily on the product. If they can get you to love the product then you will forget about the need to make money with the company and just steadily go about being a busy bee buying the product or service monthly and occasionally selling the product to someone else. Then maybe you'll make some money, somehow, someway, someday.

Success in network marketing means you are involved with a company and steadily growing and building a profitable business that is generating you a MONTHLY residual income. The sooner you can do it the better. After having been involved in so many business opportunities seeking success in network marketing I realized that if I was going to have success there were a few things that were essential when looking at business opportunity:

1. How fast does the compensation plan allow me to break even on a monthly basis

2. How will my prospects or referrals perceive their opportunity to succeed with the program

3. What is the marketing plan or strategy for building the business and succeeding

I've attended many business opportunity calls and heard many folks talked about how much they earned and how fast. Most never tell you that they came in with a group of people so that the dollars flowed in instantly and quickly. Thus I've learned to throw those 'exciting' comments out the window and focus on item number one above. Two referrals at the most, would ideally be what you want in the compensation plan to allow yourself to break even fast and have success in network marketing with that company.

Accordingly, if you prospect/referrals sees the compensation plan and understand that it doesn't take a lot for them to break even and succeed as well they are more likely to take an interest and join you in achieving success in network marketing with that company.

Additionally, there must be training and support on marketing strategies that work universally for all that get involved, so that they can have success in network marketing independent of the 'big recruiting gurus.' The training and support ideally should be company based, so that one is not left dependent solely on their sponsor to succeed with the company.

The internet has opened the doors for more people to find success in network marketing unlike any other time. One need only seize the opportunity to have success in network marketing by connecting with a company that can provide the items mentioned above.

Lastly, don't come in looking for instant riches, look for a game plan for success, and commit to working it so that success in network marketing can be yours without a great challenge. If others have done it you can too. Believe and you will achieve a monthly residual income in network marketing.

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