Monthly Residual Income - Why has it been such a challenge for people to make it happen?

What is the biggest hurdle or challenge to people establishing a monthly residual income from network marketing/mlm? I mean people all over the world want to generate monthly residual income. That's cash flow coming in even when you are not actively engaged in the business, or away, on vacation or dealing with challenges in life. Yet, while many have succeed in creating the substantial monthly residual income, others, far to many, have not. What is the difficulty or challenge and how can one over come it?

Is it the program/company?

Is it the marketing?

Is it the person themselves?

Is it commitment and dedication?

Is it the monthly cost to participate, or money in general?

Is it training and support?

If others have and are doing it then surely creating a monthly residual income via network marketing, and online, can be done, but how can more achieve the same?

What are your comments and feed back. Share, if you would in the comments section (creates backlinks to your website to increase search engine rankings).
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Jah Kafele, Work At Home Professional