People just really don't know that you can make substantial free cash online

I posed a question on yahoo Answers, "How To Make Money Online For Free?"
and I added a more detail part to the question stating:
"Anyone successfully making free cash over and over online, and building a monthly residual income for free?"

It is so interesting the responses coming in. From website surfing for pennies, to doing surveys, to "there is not free lunch."

The responses just show that our Free Online Cash System and Monthly residual income builder - Cash Flow Success System is a wide open opportunity to help people make money online for free over and over, and build a monthly residual income for free.

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You can see the Yahoo Answers question I pose, and responses here: How To Make Money Online For Free?

Seems yahoo didn't like my question of can people make money online for free and deleted, these companies working against the greater good, but I'll post the comments that did come in here that I have showing on my computer:

  1. There is NO free lunch!
  2. Some of these companies are free to join
  3. There's no such thing as free cash. You might as well try to find the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. If you want cash you have to work for it and earn it like anyone else. There are jobs that pay online, but usually the pay is pennies compared to what you can earn by getting a real job, and usually they're scams.
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  5. I wanna share to you the same answers I gave some people who asked about online biz. It will give you an idea how to set up online business of your own. I'll just paste it here so that I won't retype.

    I wanna share my knowledge to you, good you are looking for a homebased business, nowadays there are lots of people earning from it.
    Internet is the biggest arena of people, the biggest market, therefor, internet business is a big or even bigger than traditional business.

    I'd been on the business for quite some time right now. Like you, when I was just starting I tried the survey thing but I haven't received any single offer for doing the survey because I was very young that time.

    Now, with my experiences in various types of online business, I can say what works and what doesn't. I wanna help you find real work.

    It's true "$10,000" is too far to reach and too positively projected income, however, it can be true but it would take more than atleast 2 years in the business to gain that high with everyday work work and work! Most of my colleagues and I earn from $3000- $6000 and some $7,000 monthly. However, again it takes TIME, EFFORT and DEDICATION to attain that level. (my first laptop almost lost their print keys because of overusage, I had to change my hard-drive because of overheating) but the bottom line is, it's possible to earn online.

    One thing, all online business really do "pay" however, marketing their products are well to far from reality the hallmark difference of online businesses is "marketability" most people won't spend too much to start of something. Never ever join any online business that asks for membership $50 or more monthly. It's already too big for an online business membership fee. You might end up crying for the little $50 multiplied in several months and then you quit.

    Here are the legal ways I know.

    1. Adsense by google- google won't fool you, they'll pay you $0.10-$0.50 each click you get in your website (just imagine how many people are using the internet)

    2. Click-bank - get 10-75% of commission by selling products. (have you ever wonder why ebay is a big market now? most sellers don't really own the product, but they are retailers! $500- $2000/monthly
    depending on your sales.

    3. HD publishings - get $30 each info that has been availed by someone in your website. (about $300-$500/monthly)

    4. Reunion - same as HD publishings. (same as HD)

    5. Acme people search by Tissa - He pays you $125 just by joining him. get $30 each person gets into his system. ($5 for the first 30 days, $10 next 45 days, $15 next 65 days.) As for me I can get 20-30 persons joining my team in a week. And they get good incomes too because I help them.

    6. GDI - this is where you can get a cheap website for only $10 so that you can make use of those companies above.
    **if you already have a website that is not GDI, it's ok. You can use it.
    however GDI offers $1 each referal you make say, you have 10 referrals in one week, you get $10 instantly and a bonus of $200. If those 10 people refer 10 each, you get $100 and then 100 people refer another 10 each, you have a pretty $1,000/monthly and if they get 5 refers each, you get an awesome $5,000/monthly.

    Looks so big! however, again it takes INVESTMENT OF TIME and DEDICATION (2-4 hours of internet work a day)

    click bank - free to join
    hd pub- free to join
    reunion- free to join
    adsense- free to join

    Tissa- for your advertisement needs he offers a 1 month free trial. and $30 usd monthly for your advertisements.

    GDI- just $10/monthly to the right to use your website/domain

    I know that's gonna help you.
    I want to help you, rest assured, I will help you until you get your money in your hands as I always do with all my affiliates.

    God bless you!
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    YES! make taht cash money is a perfect example of one!

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  7. Well, I am successfully making my thousands monthly with GDI affiliate program. From my own experience I can tell you that there is no such thing as get-rich-fast or 'make money online doing nothing'. Everything depends only on you, how much effort you are ready to put in the business. I'm not talking about money here because I have used only the programs that are free, because I want to be absolutely sure that I can't lose anything, but my time if nothing works out.
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  8. Honestly, because of the internet you can make substantial free cash over and over online. And start building a substantial monthly residual income for free.

    Anyone thinking you can't, is just not uninformed.

    The one online business that I know that is making this happen for people is the free online cash system. Having paid out over $123,000 in free cash. And now has a game plan for members to build a monthly residual income of at least $4,149 a month...starting for free.

    So, yes Free Cash Is Real!