How to Make Money Online Free Over & Over

Online Businesses are great because they don't require all the overhead of traditional brick and mortar business. That's why I think it's so exciting to make money online, because the profit potential is great. A computer, an internet connection, and you are off to the riches.....YEAH RIGHT! If it were that simple, my 80 something year old grandmother would be doing this instead of fighting to live off of social security.

Most people that get started in an online business will end up paying to start their online business, especially if they are looking at biz opportunities such as network marketing, mlm, direct sales, or the like. Most that go that route end up feeling as though they lost money or got 'burned' when they don't succeed with that biz opportunity that they paid to get involved with. However, many of those failures are the result of false promises to lure one into the opportunity, lack of training and support to succeed, and ongoing marketing education. More than likely if you have been involved in the type of business opportunities mentioned then you've experienced the feeling of having lost money or gotten 'burned.' But don't despair, because the advent of the internet has opened the gateway for those looking to have a home-based business and make money for free. Prior to the internet this was not really possible, or at least possible and profitable.

Now if you are one that wants to learn how to make money online free then you may find yourself looking at several opportunities involve pay-to-click (PTC), pay-to-read-emails (PTR), paid-to-surf (PTS), or other similar free opportunities that honestly can't provide you a genuine chance to make you a lot of free money online.

What I find when I talk to people looking to make money online; the person wants an online home-based business opportunity that can make them at least some 'decent' money online, that is also free, or at least low cost, to get started and get cash flowing into the bank account. However, most of the business opportunities that many feel will make them substantial money online also seem to cost $100s-$1000s to get started, and that doesn't included set up cost, monthly administrator fees, and advertising/lead generation cost. So people feel there is little hope, because the free programs don't appear to offer the same potential as the ones that cost, and people are tired of paying to join programs and failing and losing money. Thus, the quest to find out how to make money online free!

What I want to convey to you as a one looking for that great home-based business idea that can make you money online free, is that it is possible to make substantial money online for free with an online business. There are proven successful programs and opportunities that will make you free money. In your search you probably ran across affiliate marketing as one of those ways. While it is certainly a proven way, it's not the only way. Heck, in many cases it's going to cost you to learn to be successful at affiliate marketing. Additionally, many that have pursued making money online free with affiliate marketing find that there is no, or little, leverage potential with it, like you have with network marketing and mlm, where you can build a team of others that are making money online right along with yourself, given you the opportunity to have residual income coming in when you are away, on vacation, or when "life comes at you fast."

I don't know about you, but for me, the best opportunity to make money online will be free to low cost, but will also give me the power of leverage that only network marketing can give. I spent a lot of money trying to make money online, and was feed up with that scenario, but not ready to give up. I knew that the internet provided the opportunity to make good money online, but I didn't know it could be done for free. The quest to make money online free can be conquered, you need only to tap into the right home-based business opportunity that has pulled together all the necessary components for one to make good money online free, and that is proven and works...and that you are willing to put the effort into so that you can find success. As, I heard Les Brown say once, "It works, if you work it."

Several online businesses, like the social networking sites yuwie, and 6dgr, have used the model of company profit sharing to create opportunities for people to make free money online. However, those only represent the tip of the iceberg, of an idea that is growing for those looking to build successful internet networking businesses. Yet, it is precisely that model of business that will provide you a means to make good money online free.

So, just how do you make money online free? Seek out that home-based online business opportunity that allows you to get involved for free (or low cost), that also has a company profit sharing model, involves the power of leverage that only networking/mlm can give so that you can establish a monthly residual income, does not demand monthly admin fees (especially before you have a chance to make money), provides a free company marketing website, has free co-op advertising, and last but not least, provides continual free online marketing training and support to help you build a successful business.

No such program exist you say? DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!

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