Work From Home and Earn Residual Free Monthly Income

Today's economy has lead to more people looking to work from home and generate an income online. Mostly from a lack of choice. With the U.S. at an 8.1% unemployment rate traditional jobs are not plenty, thus people are turning to looking to earn money online working from home.

Problem is that 99% of the work at home business opportunities demand your money to get started on the HOPE of making money. Then once you join you often get slammed with incidental fees of website set up, admin monthly fees, marketing cost, etc. Now you are out more money and still haven't made a dime. So prayer kicks in: "God, Please, Please let me at least make my money back." Well some do make their money back, but more take a lost. In honesty this probably has little to do with the opportunity and more to do with people not understanding what it takes to manifest success with an online business.

Either way this HOPE of making money in a work from home business by first unloading your hard earn money is causing more stress on people struggling to make a living giving the state of the economy and having to turn to home-based business. So you find people searching for free work from home ideas or business opportunities.

Challenge with most free businesses is they are not really free. Meaning they give you a free 'x' days trial, but you still better have your credit/debit card ready to pay to join. Others, like pay-to-click web surfing only dish you out pennies for your efforts. Your income can only become substantial if you are able to build like a 10-20 thousand person down-line. We'll maybe not that many, but it feels like that when the earnings are penny driven. But people are doing what they need to do to try and make free money online.

People need to generate monthly residual income from their work from home online business just as if they had a normal job. A business that can generates you monthly residual income is very important. There are many one-time pay opportunities popping up these days that many people jump on board to try and make money online. Thinking it's a one-time cost and it's not that expensive. Challenge is all those online business opportunities are networking businesses driven by creating a down-line. Establishing a networking down-line home-based business can be very profitable. Just look at Amway. They stayed the course and now they have their name on the NBA Orlando Magic basketball arena. However, they didn't achieve that with a one-time payment networking business. Why because one-time payments are nice, but it's not going to create for you a steady and growing monthly residual income. Amway, and others, understands this fact, that success in having your own home-based business MUST involve residual income generation because individuals can only introduce a finite number of people to an opportunity.

When you understand that you and all those that you introduce to a networking business can and will only introduce a finite number of persons to the opportunity then you will understand that creating a successful online work from home business, particularly one that deals with network marketing, must involve a pay plan that generates monthly residual income for you and your associates. Anything else is nothing short of a traditional direct sales job. Meaning, you don't have walk away monthly income. That's cash flow coming to you monthly if and when "life comes at you fast" and you have to pull away from your business for a moment.

Given the state of the job market and economy globally, work from home business opportunities are the way for one to create their own wealth generation. However, as talked about above people need opportunity that doesn't drain their bank account why they work to get their home based business growing and cash flowing. On top of that those work at home moms and work at home dads need to create monthly residual income. The best scenario is a work from home business that is free and starts to immediately generate you substantive free monthly residual income. I know the ideal of such existing sounds ludicrous, but this is where one must understand the power of the internet.

The internet has created cash flow opportunities that people would never have imagined could exist. However because of the internet you can have your cake and eat it too. The need for massive international distribution of information, services and products by companies via the internet allows one to not only be able to work from home for free, but they can create substantial residual free monthly income. I'm talking about leave your credit/debit card in your wallet, yet still get involved in a work from home business opportunity and start creating wealth.

The internet has allowed the birth of a viable work from home free business opportunity that creates free steady and growing monthly residual income that can and is changing people's financial future for the better. Some things in life are free...thanks to the internet.

Work from home and generate free MONTHY residual income. Now that's exciting!

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